Rotamat offers new functions

For quite a while Rotamat coaters have been an  indispensable tool for surface refinement of mass produced parts made from elastomers, metal or wood.  In close communication with our customers we have adapted our coating technology to the latest requirements.

The new Rotamat units for coating mass produced parts can be easily integrated into interlinked systems, allow additional coating applications and, with several new functions, simplify their operation. 

Forward looking communication

Since manufacturing operations are increasingly interlinked, Walther Trowal supplies all new Rotamat systems with an integrated OPC-UA communications module. It allows transferring process data from different machines – irrespective of the manufacturer – to higher level process control computers or to a cloud.

With the new interface the Rotamat equipment can be easily integrated into interlinked processes. This represents a significant contribution towards higher efficiency  along the complete coating process chain. Of course, the interface also allows remote trouble shooting by the  specialists at Walther Trowal.

Homogeneous, even coating thickness

With a new sensor and an electro-pneumatic valve at the spray gun Walther Trowal precisely controls the volume of the coating media. This guarantees that the specified, precise quantity of spraying media reaches the work pieces at any time. The result: A highly homogeneous surface finish, even coating thickness and a long life of the applied coating material.

Intensive cooling

Some lacquer or coating materials require a quick and, sometimes, even an abrupt cooling of the work pieces after the coating operation. For this reason, our engineers have added a bypass for the inlet air, which upon completion of the coating process bypasses the heating unit and transports ambient air into the drum. This prevents the work pieces from  sticking together and allows discharging the whole batch from the drum as individual pieces. The overall result: An extremely high ratio of “top quality” work pieces.

Safe loading

In the past, when working with solvent based lacquers, the pressure vessel containing the lacquer had to be disconnected from the material console, because it could only be opened in an explosion-proof refill room.  Today, the vessel can remain at the machine or on the weighing scale, because the air is extracted, before the lid is opened. This eliminated a complete operation.

„More and more customers integrate our coaters into interlinked manufacturing operations. We are supporting these developments with a communication protocol that is independent from any supplier or platform. It simplifies the integration and makes our equipment fit for the future”.

Christoph Cruse, General Sales Manager

A pneumatic cylinder tilts the drum downwards for unloading the finished parts.

Frank Siegel
Sales manager coating of small parts (Rotamat)

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