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White paper Continuous flow shot blast machines

Excellent shot blast results with an innovative work piece transport system.

The unique troughed belt in our Walther Trowal THM continuous flow shot blast equipment ensures an extremely gentle transport of the work pieces through the machine and their all-around equal exposure to the blast stream.


Find out,

  • Why delicate work pieces requiring a particularly high surface finish quality are gently transported through the THM shot blast machines,
  • How work pieces with complex shapes receive an all-around highly homogeneous blast finish,
  • How you can seamlessly integrate the shot blasting function into your manufacturing operation,
  • How you can reduce your blast media consumption.

These are the topics:

  • The unique troughed belt transport principle
  • Intensive but, at the same time, gentle shot blasting
  • Which machine model is most suitable for your work pieces?
  • Integration into interlinked manufacturing processes

Here you can proceed to the free-of-charge download: White paper continuous flow shot blast machines


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