Just-in-time deliveries in North America

With the move into a substantially larger facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have eliminated the disadvantages of two separate locations we had so far to cope with. With a total area of more than 4,000 m² all the company’s functions are now under one roof including sales, service and administration along with a three times larger warehouse area for machines, compounds and media.

More space for optimal customer service

We have also significantly expanded the „Process Development Lab“ that is now equipped with a variety of different Walther Trowal finishing machines. It allows the North-American customers to quickly run processing trials with their work pieces in Walther Trowal machinery and, jointly with the company’s application engineers, improve their finishing processes. The lab is not only equipped with mass finishing and shot blast machinery but also coating systems for coating mass produced small parts.

In the „Tech & Training Centre“ we conduct application and training seminars, which are primarily attended by distributors but also by customers from the automobile, machinery building, medical engineering and aerospace industries.

Walther Trowal
Compared to the old location, the warehouse space for machinery, compounds and media is now three times larger.

„Our considerably larger warehouse capacity in Grand Rapids now allows us “just-in-time” shipment of all our standard media and compounds to our North-American customers.  In addition,  we can now stock numerous mass finishing machines for quick delivery.”

Ken Raby, Vice President and General Manager of the Walther Trowal LLC
Walther Trowal
In the „Process Development Lab“ the customers have the opportunity to test the Walther Trowal equipment with their own work pieces.
The „Process Development Lab“ is also equipped with machinery for the application of coatings on mass produced small parts.

From their North-American headquarters in Grand Rapids our colleagues support the already existing nine distributors in the United States and Canada as well as the subsidiary company Walther Trowal S.A. de C.V. in Querétaro, Mexico that was founded in 2020.

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