Refurbishment is a viable option to buying new

Just relining a processing bowl is not sufficient!

The refurbishment of a processing bowl requires a lot more than just placing a new layer of polyurethane: The goal is that after refurbishment all functions of the entire machine  are reliably working again… and preferably for a long time!  

For this reason, within the scope of our exchange service, we are carefully examining the entire machine. For, especially the vibratory motors and the steel weldment are generally exposed to high, constantly changing, dynamic loads. As required, we replace worn machine components with original spare parts and repair-weld the steel construction. This way our customers can be certain that after it has been refurbished, all functions of their mass finishing machine are working again reliably and safely.

In our white paper you will find out,

  • How to determine the time, when your machine should undergo an inspection,
  • Why just placing a new layer of polyurethane into the processing bowl is not sufficient,
  • Why the machines refurbished by us are “like new”,
  • How we ensure that the processing bowls are exchanged within the shortest possible period of time,
  • How you can improve the sustainability of your production by having your processing bowls refurbished in regular time intervals.

Here you can proceed to the free-of-charge download: Whitepaper AT-Service

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