Lower energy and media onsumption, less wear

The Smart Abrasive Option for the models THM 700 und 900

To date large continuous flow shot blast machine with multiple blast turbines were operated with a media surplus in the media recycling system. This was done to safely and consistently achieve the specified blast cleaning results. However, this causes needless media consumption and machine wear.

To eliminate such costly wastage we developed the “Smart Abrasive” option for the shot blast machines THM 700 and THM 900, each equipped with up to four blast turbines. This technical feature adapts the media flow rate to the cleaning requirements for each work piece type. If for technical reasons a lower blast performance is sufficient for achieving the specified cleaning results, the turbine speed and the media flow to the turbines is reduced, and the media augers are running with a lower RPM.

The “Smart Abrasive” control system reduces the energy consumption in the troughed belt continuous flow shot blast machines THM 700 and THM 900 substantially.
Walther Trowal THM Strahlanlagen
The Trowal test and training center is equipped with several THM shot blast machines for processing trials with customer work pieces.

The optimal process parameters for each individual work piece type 

On one hand the “Smart Abrasive” control saves energy. On the other hand it extends the life of the blast media , which is passing through the recycling system at a lower rate. A welcome side effect is that the overall wear rate of the blast machine is reduced. This results in lower costs for maintenance.

With processing trials the optimal processing parameters, such as turbine RPM, blast media flow, etc., are determined. These parameters are then entered into the PLC programs for the different work piece families and stored in the machine controls.

A THM 500 troughed belt continuous belt shot blast machine in the Trowal test and training center in Haan.
Typical applications for the THM shot blast machines are, for example, forged chassis components made from aluminum, such as transverse links, steering knuckles and swivel bearings, as well as all kinds of aluminum die-castings.

“The increasing production of hybrid and electrical vehicles is creating a growing demand for high-strength chassis components. These must be able to withstand higher vehicle weights and higher torque values in the drivetrain. The Walther Trowal THM continuous flow machines with “Smart Abrasive” controls are ideal for blast cleaning these components.”

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Cruse, General Sales Manager at Walther Trowal

THM shot blast machines are frequently used for blast cleaning components for the automobile industry, for example, forged chassis components made from aluminum like transverse links, steering knuckles or swivel bearings. Many manufacturers of aluminum die-castings and forgings are also using blast media made from the same material. Due to its lower bulk density aluminum blast media is a lot gentler for the work pieces than, for example, stainless steel media.

Dipl.-Ing. Meik Seidler
Sales manager massfinishing and shotblasting

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Lower energy and media onsumption, less wear

The Walther Trowal troughed belt continuous flow shot blast machines are frequently used for blast cleaning of forged chassis components for automobiles.

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