March 6, 2021


    Just-in-time deliveries in North America

    We have significantly expanded the facilities of our North-American subsidiary in Grand Rapids / USA. The effect: Even shorter delivery times and more space for the optimization of our customer’s finishing processes.

    From Haan via China back to Haan

    When he was a student in the city of Haan, Maximilian Beien had already noticed the Walther Trowal trucks. Today he is part of a team that ensures that these trucks are transporting innovative products.

    Mass Finishing

    Is the subject “mass finishing” new for you? Do you want to gain a quick overview over the possibilities and the latest technologies? Then...

    How to keep your mass finishing machine running for a long time

    Users are asking us frequently, why the wear lining of the processing bowls must be regularly renewed. Thanks to their excellent abrasive characteristics the media...

    Additive manufacturing and “Trowalizing” – an ideal team

    Whenever we talk with our customers, we come to the same conclusion: Additive manufacturing has evolved from a prototyping method to a technology for...

    Rotary vibrators help reduce costs and save space

    BUVO castings is transforming the surface finishing of aluminum die-castings from batch processing to a continuous feed operation with rotary vibrators from  Walther Trowal.The...